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How to Get Your License Back After a DUI in North Carolina?

North Carolina has some of the strictest driving laws and regulations in the country, and this leads to many individuals having their driver’s licenses temporarily…

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How Long Do Points Stay on Your License in NC? 2024

Being a driver in North Carolina comes with a lot of responsibility. While North Carolinians are technically eligible to start applying for a driver’s license…

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2024 North Carolina Speeding Laws and Penalties

North Carolina runs because the roads do. The people of North Carolina depend on the roads and highways to get to work and school, carry…

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2024 How to Fight a Speeding Ticket in North Carolina? 10 Things You Must Know

The heavy consequences and steep fines in North Carolina for speeding ticket convictions make fighting these tickets appealing. Most drivers fight their North Carolina speeding…

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How Much Does a Speeding Ticket Cost in North Carolina?

How Much is A Speeding Ticket in NC? Speeding may be relatively commonplace to the average driver, but it is important for every driver to…

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Driving Without a License in North Carolina (2024) – What Happens?

The state enforces many laws for drivers, and one important law is that it is illegal to drive without a valid driver’s license. If you…

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Is Lane Splitting Legal in North Carolina? (2024)

Every state has unique laws pertaining to different types of drivers, and all drivers face various risks on roads in the state. However, motorcycles are…

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Speeding Ticket Points NC (2024) – All You Need to Know

Most North Carolina drivers are aware of the points system for driving offenses in the state, but there are a few persistent misconceptions about this…

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Reckless Driving Examples North Carolina (2024)

Every state in the country enforces unique traffic laws, and North Carolina takes reckless driving very seriously. However, many drivers carry misconceptions about what reckless…

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Do Speeding & Parking Tickets Affect Insurance in North Carolina?

A speeding ticket may seem like a minor frustration at first, and many drivers issued speeding tickets in North Carolina simply pay their fines and…

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