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2024 How Long Can You Be On Workers’ Comp in North Carolina?

If you were recently injured at work in the state, you may wonder about what type of benefits you can receive from your employer’s insurance…

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NC Workers’ Comp Settlement Calculator (2024)

Workers’ compensation is an important part of North Carolina law, providing financial security to those who sustain injuries on the job. If you recently suffered…

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North Carolina Social Security Disability (SSD) Qualifying Conditions

Social Security Disability benefits can be an invaluable lifeline for anyone who has a medical condition that impairs their ability to work. However, securing approval…

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Workers’ Comp Partial Disability in North Carolina? All You Need to Know

North Carolina enforces some of the country’s strictest laws regarding workplace injuries and workers’ compensation. When a workplace injury occurs, the victim must understand their…

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Are Domestic Workers Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits in North Carolina?

Every state enforces different laws pertaining to workplace injuries and workers’ compensation benefits. North Carolina enforces some of the country’s most robust workers’ compensation laws,…

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What Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Coverage in North Carolina?

Workers’ compensation exists to alleviate the financial strain a workplace injury can cause for the victim and their family. However, when someone suffers an injury…

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Injured on the job but not physically at work? Here’s what to do

Say you are a delivery person or truck driver, you are likely to sustain an injury while working but not on your company’s premises because…

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How can I change careers after a work accident?

Sometimes, when you have an accident at work, you will suffer injuries that make it impossible for you to return to your former career. You…

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The prevalence of workplace injuries in North Carolina

If you work in a potentially dangerous field, such as construction or trucking, you need to focus on your safety and understand the risks that…

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Is it possible to claim workers’ compensation for mental illness?

If you are one of the many North Carolina residents struggling with mental illness, you know that stressful work conditions may worsen your symptoms. In…

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