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Is Lane Splitting Legal in North Carolina? (2024)

Every state has unique laws pertaining to different types of drivers, and all drivers face various risks on roads in the state. However, motorcycles are…

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Which ages of motorcyclists are at higher risk of crashing?

Most people know that vehicle insurance rates may be higher for younger drivers than for older drivers due to the belief that younger persons might…

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Can a motorcycle safety class save my life?

Thousands of people across the United States come to North Carolina to enjoy gorgeous roadways and scenery from the back of motorcycles. While it is…

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Truck hits motorcycle from behind on N.C. highway, killing 2

The driver of a pickup truck that struck a motorcycle, killing the couple, says he did not see the bike until it was too late.…

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Brain’s mistake in visual perception may cause motorcycle crashes

One reason that motorcycle accidents happen is drivers fail to look at their blind spots, or they simply fail to watch out for (and respect)…

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Organization helps riders injured in motorcycle accidents

A North Carolina organization that helps people who have been injured in a motorcycle accident helped a man in another state get back on his…

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Cars making sudden left turns a hazard to North Carolina bikers

Motorcycle riders in Wilmington know that no matter how much care they take to protect themselves on the road, negligent drivers pose a threat all…

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