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What Conditions Automatically Qualify You for Disability in North Carolina?

If you have suffered a life-changing injury at work, your doctor’s prognosis may indicate that you no longer have the functional capacity to handle your…

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Common Social Security Disability Application Mistakes in North Carolina

Social Security Disability benefits provide thousands of Americans with financial support and peace of mind when their medical conditions prevent them from working. Unfortunately, the…

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North Carolina Social Security Disability (SSD) Qualifying Conditions

Social Security Disability benefits can be an invaluable lifeline for anyone who has a medical condition that impairs their ability to work. However, securing approval…

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North Carolina Denied Social Security Disability Benefits Explained

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the government agency charged with managing the country’s Social Security program. US citizens can receive Social Security Disability and…

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Will appealing a denied claim result in a different outcome?

Finding out that the Social Security Administration denied your claim can create frustration and confusion. Pending medical bills, inability to work and looming financial hardship…

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Do you meet Social Security Disability eligibility requirements?

There may be many reasons why you receive a denial of your Social Security Disability claim. The Social Security Administration imposes strict eligibility requirements for…

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Why are Social Security denials common?

The Social Security Administration accepts applications for disability for those people who earn enough through the years to pay into the system. However, the application…

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Getting workers’ comp and disability: Tricky but not impossible

Coordination of North Carolina workers’ compensation and disability benefits can be tricky. Wage loss benefits through workers’ comp might offset your disability benefits. Understanding the…

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Could a mistake in your application lead to an SSD denial?

Social Security Disability has very strict guidelines for approval. The Social Security Administration sets precise things you must do to meet the requirements to receive benefits.…

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How do SSDI and SSI differ from each other?

If an injury or health condition disables you, you have options under Social Security to acquire benefits if you cannot keep working at your current…

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