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November 2012 Archives

NHTSA investigates unsafe motorcycles sold in U.S.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration launched an investigation of the largest U.S. Honda manufacturer after allegations surfaced that they have been selling unsafe motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes. The Honda dealership said they have sold ATVs and other vehicles to buyers in all 50 states so the findings of the investigation could be very critical to many Americans.

Drivers beware: deer-car collisions increasing in North Carolina

North Carolina has seen an increase in car accidents involving deer. Deer-car collisions have increased by eight percent during the past three years, according to a State Farm Insurance report. State Farm Insurance has also labeled North Carolina as one of 16 states with the highest risk for deer-car accidents.

Unsafe commercial trucks still driving in North Carolina

Commercial trucks are constantly seen on North Carolina roads. When unsafe trucks are cited for safety violations, the Department of Transportation revokes their driving privileges. Safety inspections and citations are meant to protect the public from unsafe vehicles but many commercial trucking companies have found a way to continue driving on North Carolina roads.