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April 2014 Archives

North Carolina drunk driving accident breaks man's hip

When North Carolina's drunk drivers are caught, arrested, and convicted, they often lose their driving privileges. This action is taken not only to punish these negligent drivers, but also to keep other motorists safe. Unfortunately, though, too often these drunk drivers choose to get back behind the wheel, sometimes while intoxicated. This can spell disaster for anyone on the road who is unlucky enough to be close to them.

Man disabled by crash saves another from similar or worse fate

Nearly four years ago, a young man was involved in a car accident in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he suffered serious injuries. In this collision, the young man’s spine was crushed, making him a paraplegic. Despite the disabling injuries, the 29-year-old man is still an avid car racing enthusiast.

Injured in a ladder fall? You may be entitled to benefits

Falls are one of the most prevalent causes of workplace injuries in North Carolina and the rest of the United States. Countless workers in the construction industry and other jobs requiring workers to climb high off of the ground suffer serious or fatal injuries in fall accidents each year.  

Civil lawsuits may be appropriate regardless of criminal charges

Motor vehicle crashes are often referred to as “car accidents.” But it’s not always accurate to use the term “accident,” particularly if the crash was caused by driver negligence. Most crashes are preventable, and calling a preventable crash an accident may be letting negligent and reckless drivers off the hook.

Workers' comp can help sufferers of back pain

If we were to tell you that back pain is a very serious issue in the workplace, and that it could lead to a vast number of workers compensation claims in the near future, would you believe it? Probably not, because back pain has this reputations as being something that "everyone deals with." To an extent, that is true. As we get older, we will all deal with the shortcomings of an aging body. That usually means back pain, and this chronic condition can absolutely wreak havoc on you.

Sheltered workshops supposed to be foundation not substitution

Residents in North Carolina that have a disability often find themselves out of work, but this isn’t because there is no will to earn a living. Those that have a disability are often unable to work, unable to produce in a job at the same rate that an individual without a physical or intellectual impairment would be capable of.

Drug crimes clemency: Is president poised to act in a big way?

Proponents of drug sentencing reforms deemed necessary to alleviate the perceived harshness of the so-called War on Drugs likely have a jump in their step these days, owing to a recent announcement made by United States Attorney General Eric Holder.

North Carolina recognizes Distracted Driving Awareness Month

When was the last time you noticed other drivers talking on their cellphones or texting? For most of us, this is a sight we see almost every day. You may even sometimes make calls or send text messages while behind the wheel.

SSA practice deemed 'unjust' receives notice of extinction

Applying for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration is a process that is rarely described by using terms like “easy, uncomplicated, calming, a breeze” or any other light adjective. This is precisely why a lot of people in North Carolina may choose to hire an attorney to navigate the incredibly complex process.

Is there growing momentum for medicinal pot in North Carolina?

A sizable minority of American states, plus the District of Columbia, have passed legislation that legalizes -- with stated restrictions -- the use of medical marijuana within their borders. Two states have gone beyond that, with voters in both Colorado and Washington passing initiatives relatively recently that resulted in the legalization of recreational marijuana in those states (again, subject to some restrictions).

NC police experiment with new domestic violence evaluative tool

Domestic abuse in North Carolina, as elsewhere, is a two-sided subject. On the one hand, there is no question in many instances that a victim has been injured --- sometimes fatally -- by abuse. On the other hand, it sometimes turns out to be the case that a domestic violence allegation has been made to influence a family law matter, such as a pending divorce or child custody case, with no factual basis to support it.