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Winter weather and traffic collisions

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2018 | Car Accidents | 0 comments

Motor vehicle accidents occur for a myriad of reasons, from driver negligence and carelessness to defective auto parts. However, some crashes are also caused by inclement weather, which is especially problematic during the winter months. As a driver, it is important for you to be vigilant and exercise caution whenever you drive during potentially dangerous conditions, such as cold mornings in which there is ice on the road. Sadly, weather-related accidents have claimed many lives and left far more vehicle occupants with debilitating injuries across the state of North Carolina.

During the winter, there are various weather-related hazards to keep an eye out for, such as ice, snow, wind, and freezing rain. Some people may not realize that wind can cause a crash in a number of ways, such as knocking down a tree limb or blowing debris onto the road, prompting a driver to swerve into another lane or become hurt in a single-car crash. Moreover, there are other weather hazards to watch out for, such as heavy rain and fog, both of which can obstruct a driver’s ability to see the road.

Sadly, weather-related accidents can affect even the most responsible drivers. For example, a driver might be safely moving down the road while a vehicle in the opposite lane swerves into oncoming traffic after going over a patch of ice at a dangerously high speed. If you browse to the car accident section on our law firm’s blog, you can review more on auto crash injuries and similar topics.