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Abrupt changes and child support payments

Family law issues can be very tough, particularly when children are involved, or finances are concerned. Sometimes, both of these issues can make life tough for a parent who is trying to move on with their life after a divorce. Some people are able to take care of child support and other responsibilities without any issues, but others may find themselves in a bind for a number of reasons. Sometimes, these difficulties may arise over completely unexpected challenges that interfere with a parent’s ability to pay child support.

Major financial changes can lead to this predicament, such as the loss of a job without warning or a health crisis that requires immediate (and costly) attention. There are many other reasons why parents may suddenly be unable to pay child support as well, such as a parent who has to relocate for one reason or another and can no longer work for a particular employer. These unexpected life changes can make a parent unable to continue paying the child support they owe, which can lead to even greater problems if not handled appropriately.

Fortunately, when a parent cannot pay child support due to significant financial changes, they might be able to modify their child support order. This can help ensure that payment amounts are acceptable and prevent some of the consequences that come with back child support, such as being taken into custody or facing financial penalties (among many other issues). If you are facing abrupt changes in your life and owe child support, it is crucial to explore your options.

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