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Average Motorcycle Accident Settlement in North Carolina (2024)

If you recently experienced a motorcycle accident due to the actions of another motorist, it is natural to wonder about the average motorcycle accident settlement. If any other party caused your accident, they are liable for your damages. However, accurate calculation of your damages may be difficult. An experienced North Carolina motorcycle accident attorney can provide the guidance and support you need in this challenging situation.

Claiming Compensation for Your Motorcycle Accident

Your first challenge in the aftermath of any vehicle accident is proving fault for the accident. You must prove exactly how the accident happened and identify the party or parties responsible for causing it. Once fault is established, you can proceed with claiming compensation for your losses, but it is vital to know the value of having an attorney’s help when it comes to accurately calculating your damages.

All Drivers in the State Must Meet Minimum Coverage Rules

Every driver in the state is required to have auto insurance that meets basic coverage regulations. A policy must include property damage liability coverage and bodily injury liability coverage, and the amounts required for a minimum-coverage policy may be enough to fully compensate the victim of a minor accident. However, motorcycle accidents have a high chance of causing catastrophic injuries, and the economic impact may be more than insurance provides.

The party who caused your accident is liable for immediate economic damages like vehicle repair costs, medical expenses, and lost income if you are unable to work due to your injuries. Additionally, you have the right to claim compensation for any future income you are no longer able to earn if the accident left you disabled, and you could hold the defendant accountable for your future medical treatment costs if you suffered severe injuries.

Additionally, you have the right to seek compensation for whatever amount of pain and suffering you believe to be reasonable. There is no limit to how much you can claim, nor is there any specific formula you need to use to calculate appropriate pain and suffering compensation. This is why it is so difficult to determine an average motorcycle accident settlement; every case is entirely unique, and every plaintiff will face different damages.

Getting the Compensation You Deserve

While the types of damages plaintiffs may claim in their cases are similar, the amounts will vary greatly. Generally, a motorcycle accident victim will be able to recover slightly more than the total of all their economic damages, the difference being the pain and suffering compensation they obtain from the defendant.

Christina Rivenbark & Associates is ready to help you approach your motorcycle accident case with confidence. We accept every personal injury case with the goal of helping our client maximize recovery in the shortest possible timeframe, and you can rely on our team for support with an auto insurance claim and/or personal injury suit. We can help prove fault, uncover all the various types of damages you can claim, and secure as much compensation as possible.


Q: What Is My Motorcycle Accident Claim Worth?

A: The total value of your motorcycle accident claim depends on the extent and severity of the damages you suffered. You have the right to claim full repayment of all the economic losses you suffered in the accident, including projected future losses such as ongoing medical expenses and lost earning power. You can also seek pain and suffering compensation from the defendant, and your attorney can provide an estimate of the total value of your claim.

Q: How Are Pain and Suffering Calculated in a Vehicle Accident Case?

A: Pain and suffering can be calculated in a vehicle accident case using several methods, and there is no cap or limit on the amount the plaintiff may claim. Your attorney may help secure pain and suffering compensation based on the severity of your injury and the extent of long-term complications you will face because of it, or they may calculate an appropriate amount based on the time it takes for you to recover.

Q: Can I Claim Compensation if I Was Partially at Fault?

A: No, you cannot claim compensation if you were partially at fault for your recent motorcycle accident. The state enforces the contributory negligence rule, so if a plaintiff shares fault with a defendant, even slightly, they lose the ability to claim compensation from the defendant and will be personally responsible for their own damages. If you have any concerns that you are partially liable for your motorcycle accident, you need to consult an attorney right away.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

A: The time it will take to resolve a motorcycle accident claim largely depends on whether the defendant is clearly to blame for the accident and whether they are willing to negotiate a settlement. Many factors can complicate any vehicle accident case, but a good attorney may be able to help their client settle their claim within a few weeks. Litigation, by comparison, can take several months or even more than a year to resolve.

Q: How Much Does a Lawyer Take from a Settlement?

A: The amount a lawyer takes from a settlement in the state depends on their billing policy. Christina Rivenbark & Associates accepts personal injury cases on contingency, meaning our fee is a percentage of the total recovered for the client. The exact percentage depends on the total amount of damages, the overall complexity of the case, and other variables. This policy ensures that you do not pay more for legal counsel than you secure in compensation.

Christina Rivenbark & Associates has the experience you need to navigate a motorcycle accident claim successfully. While you may wonder about the average motorcycle accident settlement in the state, it is vital to remember that every case is unique, and the right attorney can help maximize your recovery. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our team and learn how we can assist you with your case.

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