Avoiding a DWI by controlling your consumption at parties

When you go to a party where the host will be serving alcohol, keeping track of your drinks can be challenging. The party might go late into the night, and after the first drink, it can be cumbersome to keep track.

By the time you are planning to leave, you may have lost your sense of the alcohol’s impact. As the drinks add up, you might be too confident in your ability to drive home safely.

Here are some ways to track your consumption and get home safely.

Get out your phone

In addition to the handful of alcohol tracking apps that you can put on your phone, you can also make the process simpler. When you’re about to have a drink, take a picture of it with your phone.

As you are starting to think about leaving, the pictures will include the time, so you can estimate how long it has been since your last drink. You will also have a record of how many drinks you consumed throughout the night.

Try something low tech

A simple way to keep track of drinks during the night is to put a few rubber bands around your wrist. Each time you grab a drink, move a band from one wrist to the other.

When in doubt, get a ride

Alcohol affects everyone differently, and your threshold might be lower than you think. Also, if you are drinking homemade cocktails, your estimate of the number of drinks you had could be off by a significant amount.

When you are unsure how much you have had to drink, it is always better to get a sober ride. While you may not want to pay for someone to drive you, the cost will be cheaper than paying for a drunk driving charge.

Contact a DUI defense attorney for help with a DUI arrest.

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