Can I get compensation for my repetitive stress injury?

As an employee in North Carolina, it is important that you have a working environment that is relatively free from safety hazards and the possibility of harm. However, every workplace has some inherent risks. It is important to know how repetitive stress injuries can affect you physically and financially.

Healthline states that repetitive stress injuries (RSI) can affect anyone whose job requires the use of repetitive motion. This can include anything from working an assembly line or doing a lot of typing at a computer. Those particularly susceptible to RSIs are employees who use their hands all throughout the day, such as chiropractors, masseuses, sports players or transcriptionists.

What physical problems can come from repetitive use?

RSIs can result in a myriad of other physical problems, including the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. If RSIs are not treated promptly and properly, they will often worsen over time. Some workers will find themselves unable to do their jobs. However, taking time off of work can be difficult as well. Even if you need the rest to heal, you could risk losing a portion or even the entirety of your income while you are off the job.

Can I get Work Comp benefits for an RSI?

Fortunately, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation if your RSI was due to repetitive motion from your job. In most cases, businesses in North Carolina must carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage. This can help injured employees by providing some income, allowing the employee to rest and recover without the stress of medical bills piling up without any money coming in at all.

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