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Cars making sudden left turns a hazard to North Carolina bikers

Jul 18, 2013

Motorcycle riders in Wilmington know that no matter how much care they take to protect themselves on the road, negligent drivers pose a threat all the time. There are many ways that a car or truck can cause a motorcycle accident but one of the easiest ways a driver can do so is to make an unsafe left turn. Failing to signal the turn or turning too close to an approaching motorcycle often leads to a collision, and for bikers any accident can be very serious.

An Afghanistan War veteran from another state was killed earlier this year in this sort of motorcycle accident. His tragic death was the inspiration for a foundation that lobbies for political action and public education to protect motorcyclists.

The man died after being struck by a car in April. The car turned in front of his motorcycle without warning, giving him virtually no time to avoid the larger vehicle. Following a public vigil in his memory, the victim’s family started a foundation in his name.

The foundation’s goals are to create safer intersections for motorcyclists, including the addition of more left-turn signals. It has raised money to lobby local politicians in that effort, as well as to provide financial support for survivors of left-turn accidents and to raise awareness among drivers to be careful when turning in front of a motorcycle.

Hopefully, readers in Wilmington will take care to clearly signal their turn and wait until it is safe before going so that no rider will suffer the same fate as this man.

Source: The Acorn, “Family works to make roads safer after son dies in motorcycle accident,” Sylvie Belmond, July 18, 2013

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