Could a mistake in your application lead to an SSD denial?

Social Security Disability has very strict guidelines for approval. The Social Security Administration sets precise things you must do to meet the requirements to receive benefits.

One of the top reasons why people do not get benefits is that they made mistakes in their application. If you do not provide the correct information, it could lead to a denial. You could inadvertently provide wrong information that disqualifies you or leave out information that would show you meet the requirements.

Being familiar with the application requirements can help you to ensure you complete it correctly.

Medical information

Providing your medical information is essential. You need to ensure you give full documentation of your health situation. You will need reports from your doctors and all contact information for any healthcare professional with whom you are working.

Employment information

You also must provide accurate employment information. You will need to include information about your past employment. You may need to provide records of earnings as well. Make sure you have the documentation you need to give all the complete and accurate information about your past employers and earnings, including the dates of employment.

Personal information

It may surprise you but some people make mistakes with their own personal information. Make sure you provide your legal name. Check all spelling and numbers to ensure you give accurate information.

Do not skip any questions, and always respond to any inquiries the SSA may send you after you submit your application. These things can help you avoid a denial due to errors or issues with your application.

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