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Four indications that your child’s car seat needs updating

Apr 23, 2019

There are many expectations put upon parents from family and friends. They have to know everything and anything that has to do with their child and the best practices to keep their kid safe.

However, many parents have no idea of the best time to change car seats for their first child. Luckily, there are easy-to-spot signs for updating a child’s car seat.

When to change your child’s car seat

The most common signs that you need a new car seat include:

  • Your child is too big for his or her current seat: Most parents know that many rear-facing car seats have a weight limit. Once your child is over 30 pounds, it’s time to find a larger car seat for your growing child. Also, they outgrow the car seat by length before reaching the weight requirement. Keep an eye on how your child fits in the car.
  • The seat has damage or been through an accident: While most seats are completely safe after a fender bender, there are incidents when a car seat’s structure is damaged. Also, car seats sustain significant damage solely from daily use. Parents should take time to inspect the seat for cracks or worn straps to prevent any problems during an accident.
  • Your kid just turned one year old: Experts recommend switching a child from a rear-facing seat to a rear-facing convertible at their first birthday. This is to prevent head injuries in a car accident.
  • The car seat is expired: Similar to other perishable items, car seats have expiration dates. Manufacturers include the dates on the seats or on the manufacturer’s label. The date indicates when you should stop using the seat for the child’s protection.

Ultimately, it’s up to the parents to use their best judgment for an appropriate time to change their child’s seat in the car.

Updating your children’s car seats can help keep them safe whenever they are in the car. This is critical in the case of a car accident. Not only is the driver at risk, but the child is also incredibly vulnerable if they aren’t in the right seat.

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