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How Accident Reconstruction Experts Can Strengthen Your Claim in North Carolina (2024)

All serious accidents in North Carolina will need to be investigated to understand what sequence of events led up to the incident and who was at fault. While photographs and surveillance footage can help to illustrate this, an accident reconstructionist can make liability even clearer. Understanding how accident reconstructionist experts can strengthen your claim in North Carolina can help you build a stronger case.

What Is Accident Reconstruction?

Accident reconstruction is the process of investigating and analyzing specific details of a crash to draw conclusions about what events occurred, as well as who caused the collision. Professionals in this area use a combination of physical evidence they collected from an accident scene and witness statements to create an advanced simulation of the incident using software.

The goal of the accident reconstruction is to create a more accurate depiction of what happened in the accident. It can help you better understand how fast a vehicle was going, where the point of impact was, how the drivers were operating their vehicles, and whether the status of the road conditions had any impact. These visuals can help determine liability, which is extremely beneficial during the insurance claims process and legal proceedings.

An Accident Reconstructionist’s Role

An accident reconstructionist brings various tools to the job to determine what happened at the accident scene. The following sequence of steps describes how an accident reconstruction professional might approach their job.

Collecting Evidence

An accident reconstructionist will start by gathering any evidence they can from the scene of the incident. This will include photographs of how the vehicle was positioned or any skid marks found on the road. They will also collect any remaining debris and surveillance footage from local businesses that may have caught the incident on camera. In addition, they may review the reports from law enforcement to include any of their professional observations.

Analyzing Vehicle Damage

By taking the time to look into a vehicle’s damage, these professionals can infer the angle at which a car was hit and at what level of impact. This can also help them understand how the collision occurred. Moreover, it could reveal if the car made any subsequent movements after being hit that could have damaged another car or piece of property.

Using Technology

With new technologies available in this space, like 3D modeling and computer simulations, an accident reconstructionist can help to provide a visual reenactment of the accident like never before. This tool will help a judge and jury better visualize the accident from different angles to help them determine how the case should conclude.

Consulting Witnesses

Accident reconstructionists are often found interviewing witnesses to document their observations, which can add credibility to the case’s physical evidence. Witness accounts can help these professionals have additional context of what happened, which could help validate their findings.

Creating Reports and Testimony

Once all of the data has been gathered and the accident reconstructionist has completed their job, they will compile all of their findings into a comprehensive report. They also may be asked to testify in court to use their professional opinion as evidence. In these moments, they are able to explain their conclusions in a clear and understandable manner to the court, which can significantly strengthen a claim.

While not every car accident case will require an accident reconstructionist, many find value in them. To determine if they would play a positive role in your own case, connect with a personal injury attorney as soon as you can to ask the question. A car accident attorney will review the details of your case and provide their professional opinion of whether or not they should bring in an accident reconstructionist.


Q: Why Is Accident Reconstruction Important?

A: The concept of accident reconstruction is important because it provides a detailed analysis of how an accident happened. This can make the difference between an unsuccessful claim and an appropriate settlement or compensation award. Having this information accessible can help to speed up the insurance claims or legal process to provide the victim with compensation as fast as possible.

Q: What Is the Goal of Accident Reconstruction to Determine?

A: The primary goal of accident reconstruction is to determine how and why a car accident happened. This requires the professionals to identify all key factors that contributed to the incident, like how fast vehicles were driving and where the point of impact was. This serves to help the North Carolina courts determine who is at fault and, therefore, liable to pay compensation for the accident’s victims. This can help uncover the truth and ensure justice is served.

Q: How Is Fault Determined in a Car Accident in North Carolina?

A: Fault is determined in North Carolina car accidents with a detailed investigation into the circumstances of a collision. This includes a detailed analysis of all physical evidence collected, a review of the police reports, and what eyewitnesses have to say about what happened. North Carolina follows the contributory negligence rule, which means that if a plaintiff is found even the slightest bit responsible for their injuries, they cannot sue the defendant.

Q: How Long Does an Insurance Company Have to Settle a Claim in North Carolina?

A: Most insurance companies are required to acknowledge the receipt of an insurance claim within 30 days. At this point, they should issue an award or denial. If an insurance company is unresponsive, it can be beneficial to hire an attorney. They can prevent insurance providers from taking advantage of you and ensure they adhere to the law.

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