How can you avoid driving distracted?

Distracted driving is one of the biggest potential risks that drivers across the country face. It not only endangers you and your passengers, but it also impacts cars that you share the road with.

Thus, avoiding distracted driving is one of the most crucial choices you make as a driver. What tips can you utilize to cut down on such risky and dangerous behaviors?

Outside distractions

The North Carolina Department of Transportation discusses methods of avoiding distracted driving. First, focus on the two primary sources of distraction: those within and those outside of the vehicle.

You face fewer distractions coming from outside, and many involve activity on the roadside or even roadway signs. To avoid this, limit the amount of time you spend reading or focusing on things you pass. You should also avoid picking up passengers at any potentially dangerous locations, such as stoplights or stop signs. Finally, do not stop to talk to people outside of the vehicle, even if you can pull off slightly to the side of the road.

Inside distractions

Inside the car, you face even more distractions. Some potential methods to combat them can include:

  • Keeping your music low enough to hear sounds from outside of the vehicle, such as car horns or screeching tires
  • Avoiding drinking or eating while driving
  • Avoiding texting while driving
  • Avoiding personal grooming such as hair styling, shaving or makeup
  • Set music programs to play in advance so you do not fumble while driving

Remember to keep your passengers in mind, too. Do not underestimate the distraction that children and pets can provide. Ask for a passenger to serve as your “co-pilot” if you need help navigating, too.

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