How do I avoid a collision with a deer?

As fall approaches, deer become more of a risk on the roads in North Carolina. Not only is it harvest time but also it is mating season, which means does are running to escape crazy bucks, and bucks are not paying attention as they are driven by their hormones.

This makes for a terrible recipe for disaster and can easily lead to you finding yourself in an accident caused by a deer. The North Carolina Department of Transportation explains the peak time for collisions with deer is in the evening from 5:00 to 7:00, and the most common months for issues are October to December, but it is never too early to prepare yourself to be vigilant.

Use your high beams

The eyes of a deer and other animals will reflect the light and make it easier to see them. The brighter your headlights, the better chance of picking up on this clue. Use your high beams when you safely can and watch out for the eye reflection.

Reduce your speed

One of the best ways to prevent hitting a deer is to allow yourself more time by slowing down. The slower you can go, the easier it is for you to stop if a deer should run onto the roadway. It will also allow you to scope out the road and more easily see animals on the side of the road that may be ready to enter your path.

Be aware in risky areas

Any area where there are trees and fields is a prime place for deer. You want to be exceptionally aware of these areas. However, know that a deer could pop up anywhere, so do not let your guard down even if you are not in a woody or farm area. Also, pay attention to signage saying it is a deer crossing area.

If you do come across a deer, you should use your brake. Never swerve as this could lead to an accident with another vehicle or loss of control.

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