How do I gather information following an auto accident?

Have you gotten into an accident? Perhaps you know someone who has. Even if you have not experienced a serious auto crash, there may come a time when another vehicle hits yours as you drive on the road. No matter your situation, you should know what kind of information you should gather following an auto accident.

As Forbes explains, assuming you have gotten through the accident without serious injury and can walk around, there are certain kinds of information you need to collect. This information can be valuable when it comes time to seek compensation for your damages.

Taking pictures of your surroundings

Smart phones have made it easy to gather a lot of information quickly. You can use your phone to take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and any other automobiles involved in the accident. Consider taking pictures of your surroundings since they may have contributed to your crash. Include photos of weather conditions and the license plate of the other vehicle.

Recording the information of the other driver

Remember that you can use your smart phone when you exchange information with the other driver involved in your accident. While you can write down the insurance information of the other driver, you may also snap a picture of the other driver’s insurance card. This might help you to record details that you may have missed while writing the information.

Gathering contact information from witnesses

Pay attention to people near your accident scene who may have watched your accident happen. If you do find witnesses, gather their names and contact information. Their testimony may aid you later if the other driver says you were at fault. If you have nothing to write with, you might be able to note their information in your phone.

Verifying the identity of the reporting officer

If you call the police to write up a report, be sure you receive the name of the officer and the badge number. This information may be on the document the officer gives to you. Still, you might have problems understanding the handwriting. To double check the identity of the officer, ask for a copy of the police report once the officer has filed it.

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