How many deadly wrecks involve trucks, cars, and other vehicles?

Motor vehicle collisions can prove fatal regardless of the type of vehicle that is involved in the crash. However, some types of crashes may be more likely to result in the loss of life than others. When someone passes away in a collision, their life is cut short and their loved ones will also have to suffer through emotional pain and, in some cases, serious financial problems as well. As a result, it is important to go over statistics on deadly accidents based on the type of vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published data from 2010 which offers insight into details on motor vehicle collisions. During this year, 17,428 fatal accidents involving a light truck took place, compared to 17,718 deadly wrecks involving a passenger car. Motorcycles were involved in more than 4,600 deadly wrecks over the course of the year, while large trucks were involved in more than 3,480 fatal collisions. When it comes to crashes that resulted in an injury, however, passenger cars were involved in the majority of accidents (56.7 percent, or 1,579,000).

When a life is lost to a motor vehicle crash, the family members of those who pass away may have no idea where to turn. However, if someone else’s negligent behavior caused their loved one’s life to be taken, they should not have any hesitation when it comes to holding the reckless driver responsible for his or her behavior. Sadly, more and more lives will continue to be lost in vehicle accidents of all types in the years ahead.

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