How many people are hurt in ambulance accidents?

From large trucks to scooters, motorcycles and small cars, there are many different vehicle types involved in crashes. Some people may not think about the likelihood of an ambulance accident occurring, but there are actually a handful of reasons why these collisions are especially likely to take place. For example, an ambulance driver may be in a rush to get someone who needs medical care to the hospital quickly. Moreover, an ambulance accident may involve high speeds and the consequences could be devastating.

According to material that was provided by the National Highway Traffic Association’s EMS website, it is believed that around 1,500 ambulance accidents cause someone involved to become injured each year. Furthermore, about 33 lives are lost due to ambulance accidents that occur on the road every year. The NHTSA points out that a majority of the lives which are lost in these accidents do not occur in the ambulance but in other vehicles. However, many people are also seriously hurt and even killed while riding inside an ambulance as well.

If an ambulance accident claimed the life of someone you love, whether they were riding inside of the ambulance or in another vehicle, it may be necessary to take legal action. Or, you may have been hurt in one of these accidents and unsure of your legal options. For example, you may have been riding in an ambulance after another mishap and the driver may have been going too fast, resulting in a crash which left you with additional injuries.

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