Is a traffic ticket your unwanted souvenir from a NC vacation?

People from all over the East Coast and beyond come to North Carolina to vacation every year. After all, it is a beautiful state with lovely cities and gorgeous beaches. There is a lot to do in North Carolina, and many people rush to fit as much as possible into their time here. That can result in someone driving more quickly than the posted speed limit.

Unfortunately, the faster you travel, the more likely you are to end up facing a traffic violation ticket as a result. Speeding tickets can be an expensive and complicated souvenir from an otherwise beautiful vacation. Thankfully, you do have the right to fight traffic citations in North Carolina — even if you aren’t a resident.

North Carolina traffic laws are very tough

The state of North Carolina is actually well-known for having a tough approach to speeding and other traffic violations. While other states may turn a blind eye to all but the most extreme traffic violations, North Carolina law enforcement officers could easily end up citing you for something that you wouldn’t think twice about at home.

Every year, people who visit North Carolina for vacations end up coming home with traffic tickets that may cost as much as they spent on their trips. In fact, a first-time speeding ticket in North Carolina can cost as much as $1,000, as well as racking up points on your driver’s license. With so much on the line, it’s little surprise that many people choose to go to court to fight these tickets.

You have the right to defend against traffic citations

Traffic citations, like any other sort of legal issue, can be successfully defended. While it may not be easy, mounting a defense against a pending speeding ticket in North Carolina may be your best option. After all, if you live out of state, you probably need to retain an attorney for any court appearance you might have anyway.

If you have representation here in North Carolina, you may be able to remain in your home state during the pendency of the proceedings. There are many circumstances in which traffic citations for speeding get thrown out of court.

Perhaps the officer in question had not properly calibrated the device used to clock your time. Maybe he or she has a history of writing frivolous citations. There are many potential options, and you should explore all of them if you come home with a ticket from your North Carolina vacation.

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