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Memorial Day and drunk driving crashes

Jun 01, 2018

A motor vehicle accident brought on by the consumption of alcohol may happen at any time of the year or time of day. With that being said, certain days are especially dangerous when it comes to drunk driving. For example, the holidays bring families and friends together for celebration, but this can also lead to the consumption of alcohol. For some people, Memorial Day celebrations are so hectic or exciting that they forget they consumed enough alcohol to put them over the legal limit and end up driving drunk, even if they consider themselves a responsible driver. Sadly, this behavior places many lives at risk.

Some people drive while intoxicated due to alcohol and simply do not care, believing that they will not be caught and that an accident will not take place. For others, drunk driving may be somewhat accidental. For example, someone may have a mixed drink at a friend’s party and not realize how much alcohol was in the cocktail. Or, they might consume alcohol and believe that they are no longer intoxicated after hours have passed, even though they are still over the legal limit.

Regardless, these accidents turn lives upside down in various ways. If you were hit by someone who was drinking and driving during the holiday weekend, you should know what your legal rights are and carefully consider your options. Visit the traffic crash part of our website for a closer look at all sorts of different topics that are related to drunk driving accidents.

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