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Recent fatality in North Carolina shows true impact of car crashes

Jul 27, 2011

A 27-year-old North Carolina man, father of two young children, died recently after driving around a bend in the road and hitting a slow-moving tractor going roughly 25 miles per hour. As Danielle Arndt reports for the Rockford Independent, it is against North Carolina law to drive tractors and other farm equipment on highways.

The speed limit on the highway where this particular car crash occurred is 55 miles per hour.

The man who was killed had been in another car accident in 2000, which he barely survived. After his recovery, he went on to get a bachelor’s of science degree and became a sales representative for a pharmaceutical firm.

The worst thing about the accident and his death is he leaves behind two young children, one age two and the other only four months old.

A friend of the man said, “I had known [him] since he was six years old and wherever [he] was, there was a party. He had such a great spirit about him, and I think that’s what caused him to persevere,” referring to the first accident.

Source: Rockford Independent, “‘A fabulous family man, a connector of people,’” by Danielle Arndt, 07/26/11

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