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Teen drivers and traffic accident risks

If you are a teen who recently started driving, you plan on beginning driver education in the near future or you are a parent worried about your child’s safety behind the wheel, it is vital to take a look at various risks on the road. Sadly, many young people lose their lives each year because of these accidents. 

Even when teens survive auto accidents, various hardships often follow. For example, some accident victims have difficulty pursuing their goals or enjoying various facets of their lives. Many have physical and emotional trauma (along with financial problems). 

What are some risks teen drivers face?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines some of the common risk factors that teen drivers face. For example, research shows that teen drivers are more likely to make errors in crucial situations on the road due to inexperience. Many teens use their phones frequently and this can lead to distracted driving. Additionally, even responsible and cautious teen drivers can become involved in a crash caused by the actions of another driver. 

Drinking alcohol, driving too fast and operating a motor vehicle at night are other risks that place many teens in danger. Even if you do not drive, you could find yourself seriously hurt in a crash while riding with friends. 

How many teens suffer injuries and die in car crashes?

The CDC states that during 2019, roughly 258,000 teens required treatment in emergency rooms across the country as a result of motor vehicle collisions. Furthermore, nearly 2,400 lost their lives. On average, roughly seven teens died and hundreds suffered injuries each day due to traffic accidents in 2019. If you are struggling with the aftermath of a crash, explore your options carefully and focus on your recovery. 

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