The prevalence of workplace injuries in North Carolina

If you work in a potentially dangerous field, such as construction or trucking, you need to focus on your safety and understand the risks that you face. Even if your job is relatively safe, such as working in an office, you could suffer injuries at work in different ways. In fact, many people are seriously hurt and even killed each year in North Carolina due to accidents that occur on the job. 

You should realize how widespread work-related accidents are and take precautionary measures to stay safe. Unfortunately, workplace accidents are not always preventable and sometimes occur due to the negligence of others. 

How many workplace injuries and illnesses occur?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics sheds light on the prevalence of workplace injuries in North Carolina. According to BLS data, North Carolina employers in the private sector reported more than 69,000 nonfatal job-related injuries and illnesses during 2019. For every 100 full-time equivalent private sector workers, 2.3 suffered an injury or illness on the job during this year. 

Workplace accidents also affect public sector workers. The BLS reports that in 2019, 3.8 out of every 100 full-time equivalent public sector workers suffered an injury or illness while working, resulting in 19,300 cases. 

How do workplace accidents disrupt victims’ lives?

Whether you sustain a back injury, a broken bone, brain damage or any other injury in a workplace accident, your life could unravel in various ways. Financial hardships due to missing work and medical costs, emotional trauma, physical pain and immobility affect many victims. Make sure you look into resources, such as workers’ compensation benefits, that could help you recover.

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