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Two North Carolina residents arrested for theft, drug possession

Two people in are facing serious charges after an arrest last week. The North Carolina couple was arrested after police say they tried to break into a car. They were charged with theft related crimes as well as possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police say that the people arrested matched the description reported by witnesses.

Sometimes witnesses give very general descriptions causing police to pull over or arrest anyone that might fit the description. While this might help calm the public’s worry about a crime, it can greatly hurt the rights of the person that is accused. After someone is arrest, police and prosecutors might try to add charges. If these new charges come with no evidence or evidence that might have been illegally acquired, they might be violating the rights of the accused.

It is important that people who are arrested understand their rights. Everyone who is arrested has the right to speak with an attorney. No matter what a person is arrested for, speaking with an attorney might be a wise decision. They can help a person understand their rights, evaluate evidences and work their way through the legal process.

Court proceedings can be filled with confusing procedures and terminology. An experienced attorney can help make sure a person understands exactly what is happening and can help the accused form a rigorous defense against the charges. Theft and drug possession charges in North Carolina can result in unwanted public attention and may hurt a person’s reputation.

Source: WAVY, “Two arrested for drugs, larceny,” Sept. 12, 2012

-Theft and drug possession charges can be damaging to a person’s reputation. To learn more please visit our criminal defense site.

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