Was your workers’ compensation claim denied in NC?

As an employee, you depend on your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage to provide proper medical care and other benefits when you suffer a work-related injury. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation process is not always simple to understand, and some claims that seem straightforward get denied.

If you recently had your workers’ compensation claim denied, you should examine the specifics of your case. You may have grounds to appeal the denial and receive fair compensation and coverage. However, this is not possible in every instance, so you must understand the legal tools that you have available to keep your rights and priorities secure while you work toward a fair resolution.

Understanding why your initial claim was denied

Whether it’s a car accident claim, a house fire, or a workplace injury, insurance providers always look for ways to minimize what they pay out, including denying claims whenever possible. In many instances, these denials are not fair, or take advantage victims’ unfamiliarity with the claims process.

In order to appeal your claim, you must understand why the insurer denied it. For instance, if you filed an injury claim a few months after the injury occurred, then the insurer may have denied it because you did not file within the appropriate window of time. Similarly, if you suffered an injury at work and then avoided or refused medical treatment, then the insurer may deny the claim because of lack of treatment.

Navigating the appeals process

If you believe that you have grounds to appeal the denial, it is important to create a strategy for moving through the appeal process effectively. Even if you make a strong case for your claim, if you do not follow the proper procedures correctly and in the proper time frame, you may not receive the compensation you deserve.

Creating a legal strategy ensures that you examine each side of the issue to maximize the likelihood of success. With strong legal tools and guidance on your team, you can confidently and effectively assess the strength of your claim and seek the fair compensation that you deserve, allowing you to focus time and energy on your own needs and your physical recovery.

No matter how you choose to move forward, do not put it off. The longer you wait to take action, the fewer opportunities you may find for true justice for your work-related injury.

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