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What are the possible downsides of uncontested divorce?

Apr 23, 2020

While it might seem like a much easier process, uncontested divorces are not without their downsides. Of the 2,236,496 marriages that took place in 2017, approximately 787,251 ended in divorce. A large portion of these were uncontested divorces, meaning both parties agree to the divorce and there are no major disputes at play.

Paperwork problems

Even relatively straightforward divorces entail the filling out of paperwork. Failure to fill out the paperwork correctly and submit it in the time required can lead to delays and other problems. If you have questions and your ex-spouse is not being cooperative during the process, it’s best for you both to seek professional legal advice.

Disputes about kids and money

Perhaps you believe you and your ex are basically on the same page when it comes to asset division and child custody. However, when you actually sit down and begin to hash out the details, you find that you’re definitely not on the same page. You might be invested in the family home or a specific piece of property, while your former spouse is determined to get sole custody. Not only can this complicate your divorce, but it can also cause undue stress on you and your ex, stress which could be alleviated by the presence of a lawyer.

Possible abuse and coercion

For some couples, the unhealthy dynamic that persisted in their marriages can also be present in their divorces. This is often the case when abuse and domestic violence is a factor in the split. The abusive partner may force his or her spouse into making concessions during the divorce, such as forgoing their fair share of property and assets.

Having an attorney’s assistance is crucial in these situations, as it will ensure the abused spouse’s rights are respected during the divorce proceedings.

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