What is being done to combat distracted driving?

In North Carolina, distracted driving is quickly beginning to rival the dangers of driving under the influence. With the risks associated with distraction increasing daily, what is being done to combat this problem?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has done plenty of research on distracted driving in the modern age. Many of the newest and biggest dangers come in the form of electronic handheld devices. Laws have been made to combat this. Most states do not allow you to use phones or other handheld devices while the vehicle is in motion. Equipment like hands-free headsets and dashboard stands can be used to make emergency calls or utilize map features, but it is generally discouraged for any to use their electronics in any capacity.

The repercussions for breaking these laws are becoming more severe, too. While convictions for DUI-related crimes still hold some of the highest penalties, distracted driving incidents that result in injury or death can have severe consequences even for minors.

Additionally, awareness campaigns are also being utilized. Parents and educators across the board are being advised on ways to teach new drivers about the risks associated with distracted driving. Teens and young adults are also targeted by these campaigns, as their age group tends to be the one with the highest rate of crashes and fatalities.

You can get involved in bringing light to the dangers of distracted driving as well, especially as an individual who has been impacted by it in some way. Consider speaking with an attorney to learn about how to make your voice heard.

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