What should I do when encountering a speeding driver?

Roads have speed limit signs for a reason. They tell drivers how fast they should go as they drive through a quiet neighborhood, a busy main road, or an interstate. Some drivers, however, do not heed the speed limit signs. When motorists go too fast, they endanger the lives of everyone around them, like other drivers, bicyclists and even pedestrians.

Since speed limits are common knowledge, it seems strange that people would violate such laws on purpose. Speeding is common, however. The NHTSA explains why some people drive too fast and what you may do if you encounter a speeding driver on a daily commute.

Why do people speed?

Some drivers do speed because they have no regard for the traffic laws. However, there are many motorists who drive fast for other reasons. They may become impatient due to slow traffic. Some people feel hurried by their schedules. They drive fast because they feel they are running late. Also, driving can make some people feel cut off from the outside world. They may drive fast without thinking their actions will impact other drivers.

How can I handle a speeding driver?

At some point, you may notice a speeding driver coming towards you. To try to prevent an accident, consider avoiding the driver if you can. Try not to drive close to the speeder. If the speeding driver loses control of the vehicle, it could hit you. If a driver is close behind you, you might change lanes. The speeding driver will likely pass you by.

Taking these steps does not guarantee that a speeding driver will not collide with you. You may need to pursue damages if a speeding motorist hits your vehicle and inflicts injury on you. Still, taking the right steps to be a safe driver might spare you from the worst outcome you could suffer.

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