2024 What to Do After a Car Accident in Wilmington, NC?

Car accidents are an unfortunate hazard of operating a motor vehicle on public roads. Whether you’re involved in an accident with other motor vehicles or if you are in a single-vehicle accident, it’s important to take appropriate steps after the incident for safety, insurance, and legal purposes. Questioning what to do after a car accident in Wilmington, NC, should be information you learn before you need it, as not having it can leave you open to civil and criminal issues.

Learn how to take action after a car wreck to protect your well-being and interests.

What to Do When an Auto Accident Happens

  1. Move your vehicle out of traffic. As long as your vehicle still runs and you’re physically able to move it to a safe area near the scene of the accident, you should relocate your vehicle and avoid blocking traffic.
  2. Call the police. To help determine who was at fault for causing the accident, contact local law enforcement to respond to the wreck. This will be helpful for any claims against insurance or the at-fault driver. It’s okay to call the local non-emergency line if the accident doesn’t appear to be serious, but don’t hesitate to call 911, especially if there are physical injuries or if the wreck is blocking traffic.
  3. Exchange contact information with those involved in the wreck. Swap names, phone numbers, and addresses with the drivers and passengers of any other vehicles who were part of the accident. Obtain the other drivers’ insurance information and take down their license plate numbers. If witnesses were present, be sure to record their contact information as well, especially if the other driver involved leaves the scene.
  4. Seek medical treatment for any injuries. If you were hurt as a result of being involved in a wreck, always make the trip to see a medical professional. Visit the emergency department for serious and life-threatening injuries or urgent care for less serious ailments. You need to keep an official medical record of any injuries from the wreck to proceed with filing insurance claims or seeking damages from the at-fault driver. Sometimes, injuries might not show up immediately, and some injuries may not be detected for months or even years after an accident occurs. If you experience new injuries or ailments, report them to your doctor or medical professional as soon as possible. You can seek damages from an at-fault driver for up to three years after the accident.
  5. Report the auto accident to your insurance company. Make the phone call to your insurance provider in a timely manner after the incident. Provide them with all the details that you gathered from the other drivers, passengers, witnesses, and responding officers.
  6. Contact a motor vehicle accident lawyer. Hiring an attorney with experience representing victims of motor vehicle accidents in Wilmington, North Carolina, can help lead to a positive outcome after a wreck. They can guide you through the insurance and legal aftermath following a crash so your life returns to normal or as normal as possible.

What Not To Do When An Auto Accident Happens

  1. Don’t consent to not reporting the wreck. Sometimes, other drivers might ask you to not involve the police or insurance. They will instead offer to pay you in cash for the damage they caused. This can lead to you not getting the full extent of compensation that you’re entitled to receive.
  2. Don’t admit fault. Avoid taking responsibility for causing a wreck, even if you were just partially responsible. Instead, give an objective report of the details of your wreck to police officers and insurance providers.
  3. Don’t try to fight alone. If you get pushback from insurance companies on your claim for medical bills or property damage or if the other driver files a civil claim against you in court, contact a car accident attorney who will advocate for you.

FAQs About Wilmington, NC Car Accident Laws

What to Do After an Automobile Accident in North Carolina?

There are several steps you should take immediately following an accident in Wilmington, North Carolina. First, move your car if it’s safe to do so and if your car can move. Then, call the police. While waiting for police to arrive, exchange contact information with other drivers involved and any witnesses to the crash. Get medical treatment if you’re injured. Call your insurance promptly, and consider hiring a car accident attorney with experience in North Carolina.

What Is the Average Car Accident Settlement in North Carolina?

Average car accident settlement amounts in North Carolina vary depending on the severity of the accident. Settlement amounts for minor accidents can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, whereas the settlement amount for more serious accidents can range between tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. North Carolina does not cap settlement amounts in most cases.

What Are the Accident Laws in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a fault state, so the law allows for victims of auto accidents to file claims against at-fault drivers. You can file a claim up to three years after the date of the vehicle crash. However, if your actions even minorly contributed to the cause of the wreck, you are not entitled to compensation in North Carolina. Consulting with an experienced Wilmington, NC, auto accident attorney can help you understand your rights after a wreck.

What Are Some Follow-Up Tasks After a Car Accident?

There are several tasks you should complete after returning home from an accident. Contact your insurance providers, get a copy of the police report from the incident, and follow up with a medical care provider if you sustained any injuries from the crash. Be sure to document every ailment you might experience following the wreck.

Contact an Attorney Who Will Advocate for Your Case

Auto accidents can turn your whole life upside down. The legal team at Christina Rivenbark & Associates is dedicated to helping our clients get the justice they deserve after an auto wreck, and we can do the same for you. Contact us today for an evaluation of your case. We have the legal knowledge to help you put your life back together after an auto accident.

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