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When a driver intentionally causes an accident

Aug 17, 2018

We have covered a plethora of factors related to car accidents, and most are just that—accidents. However, some crashes are intentionally caused by a reckless driver. There are a variety of reasons why a person may do something that is so unbelievable. For example, a driver may be suicidal and decide to end his or her life by colliding with another vehicle, which can result in the loss of innocent lives. Or, a driver may want to get revenge on someone or damage a vehicle due to road rage or a dispute between drivers.

Unfortunately, many drivers have purposely caused a crash and some may not have expected the end result to be so devastating. For example, someone may find themselves in a verbal argument with another driver and become so upset that they ram into the vehicle. However, this could spur a chain reaction which brings other vehicles into the accident and claims multiple innocent lives.

Unfortunately, there are some drivers who should not be behind the wheel due to their mental state, but it can be very difficult to identify these types of drivers. If you were struck by someone who you believe intentionally caused the collision, it is crucial for you to know exactly which legal options you have and do all that you can to hold them fully accountable. Sadly, this behavior has caused far too many fatalities and devastating injuries over the years and it is inevitable that more reckless drivers will cause collisions on purpose.

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