When a driver is emotionally unstable

There are many examples of times when people should not be behind the wheel, such as someone who is over the legal limit or extremely tired. However, some people do not pay attention to some of the other reasons why people can be unfit to drive. For example, someone who may be very emotionally unstable for one reason or another may be putting lives at risk by driving. If you ever worry that you are not able to drive safely because you are extremely angry or upset, it is a good idea to stay off of the road.

Sadly, many people disregard this advice and drive anyway. Various emotions can increase the chances of a car crash, especially when a driver is extremely upset. For example, someone may be very angry after finding out about their spouse’s affair or hearing that they were fired. People may also experience crippling depression or be very sad after losing a loved one or hearing that their spouse wants to get a divorce, for example. There are many other examples of emotionally unstable drivers, including people who may be overly excited after receiving great news.

These emotions can cause a driver to become distracted, fail to notice traffic signs or drive properly. Someone who is experiencing these strong emotions may drive too fast or fail to switch lanes correctly. There are many ways in which driving abilities can be impacted by these emotions and if you are hit by someone in this state, it may be difficult to detect but you should make note of this factor.

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