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August 2013 Archives

Semi truck making U-turn hits car, kills 3

Many intersections have a "no U-turns" sign posted. That is because trying to make a U-turn there could cause a dangerous car accident, as readers already know. It appears that a tractor-trailer driver making an illegal U-turn is responsible for a collision that killed the wife of a North Carolina native and two of their children earlier in August.

Organization helps riders injured in motorcycle accidents

A North Carolina organization that helps people who have been injured in a motorcycle accident helped a man in another state get back on his bike. The man suffered serious brain and collarbone injuries, and was hesitant to ride his motorcycle again until he joined the group, called the Bikers for Bikers Foundation.

North Carolina town announces plans to improve pedestrian safety

Besides large cities, another type of place that can have problems with pedestrian-car accidents are towns with large seasonal populations. These towns' streets may not have built to accommodate as much walking traffic as larger urban areas. As a result, serious pedestrian accidents can occur.