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Violent Crimes Archives

North Carolina man arrested for alleged assault of colleague

Sometimes when a person is in a position of power, they are subject to public scrutiny. This scrutiny can become enflamed when they are faced with an arrest, damaging their reputation and possibly harming their employment. Preserving a person's reputation and employability are just some reasons why it might be important to form a rigorous criminal defense if someone is accused of a crime.

North Carolina football player arrested for assault

Many times, a criminal charge can cause damage to a person's reputation, their educational potential, and the future career prospects. A football player from the University of North Carolina was arrested Sunday for allegedly assaulting another person. According to reports, the man punched another person in the face in front of police, and was then chased and arrested. He is facing felony assault charges among other misdemeanors.

"Teen Mom" assault charges dropped in North Carolina

Sometimes when people are arrested in a commotion, the facts of what actually happened that resulted in an arrest might be skewed. Evidence might be collected from the scene, but it isn't always clear how the evidence relates to the arrest. This can be a big issue, and can sometimes lead to charges being dropped.

DNA samples retained, Supreme Court may review

Late last month, the United States Supreme Court suggested it might review a case that will determine whether police can hold DNA samples of an innocent person and use a sample against them in another unrelated crime case. If the Supreme Court rules on the matter, it could affect cases across the country, including cases right here in Wilmington.

Man charged with police chase, biting Wilmington police dog

When someone is facing a rare criminal charge, they are more likely to get media attention. This attention hurts a person's reputation even before they are allowed to have a fair trial, which is every person's right. According to reports a man was arrested last weekend in Wilmington and charged with multiple crimes after leading police on a chase and then allegedly biting a police dog. While there will likely be an investigation, police reports released to the public already show the police department's side of the story.

3 North Carolina men convicted in armored car robbery

If you're neither a criminal defense attorney nor a seasoned criminal, you might assume that penalties for crimes are pretty much the same once you categorize them. For example, it would seem reasonable that all armed robbery convictions come with a similar amount of prison time. But there are so many variables within each incident that it can be hard to predict what sentence a defendant will face before charges are filed.

Should some children be labeled as psychopaths?

As any parent knows, all children misbehave at some point. Tantrums, lying, and hitting are tactics just about every child uses to get what they want. But a select few exhibit unsettling behavior at an early age that some psychologists fear could lead to violent crime.

Questions raised but no charges filed in North Carolina shooting

We hear occasionally about accidental shootings that take the life of innocent people. Sometimes the owner of the firearm is charged with a violent crime; other times, the incident is labeled accidental and nothing more comes of it. But that doesn't mean life goes back to normal for either the shooter or the victim's family.

Woman accused in North Carolina robbery has troubled past

A 20-year-old woman who suffered a traumatic childhood that included homelessness and a drug-addicted mother is expected to plead guilty to robbing a North Carolina pawnshop and killing its clerk. She and her alleged accomplice are facing charges of first-degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon and second-degree kidnapping.