Common Social Security Disability Application Mistakes in North Carolina

Social Security Disability benefits provide thousands of Americans with financial support and peace of mind when their medical conditions prevent them from working. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) rejects most of the claims for benefits the agency receives each year. The SSA is very strict about ensuring that every claimant meets all the necessary criteria before any benefits may be awarded. It’s relatively common for claimants to make clerical or technical errors in their initial applications that lead to rejections. This can be incredibly frustrating for an individual who needs financial assistance to support their household.

If you need to apply for Social Security Disability benefits in North Carolina, it’s vital to know the most common mistakes applicants make in this process, so you can hopefully avoid them in your own claim. While it’s technically possible to file a claim on your own, hiring an experienced North Carolina Social Security Disability attorney to assist you will significantly increase your chances of success.

Most Common Mistakes Made in Social Security Disability Benefits Claims

The SSA is very strict when it comes to approving claims for disability benefits. To secure the benefits you need, you must prove your condition meets their criteria, and you must follow the application process exactly. Some of the most common mistakes claimants make when they attempt to file their claims for benefits include:

  • Mistakes with submitted medical records. Your condition must fall within the eligibility criteria listed in the SSA’s Blue Book of qualifying conditions. Additionally, you must provide complete and accurate medical records that prove you have received care and a formal diagnosis for your condition. Working with an experienced attorney is the best way to ensure your claim contains all required medical documentation.
  • Errors in personal identification records. When you file your claim for benefits, you must ensure that all your claim forms are filled out correctly. If you make any mistakes with your Social Security Number, your address, or other identifying information, this could easily result in an administrative rejection of your claim, and you will need to restart the entire claim filing process.
  • Waiting too long to file a claim or an appeal. You should apply for benefits as soon as you become disabled. Social Security Disability benefits have a five-month waiting period, so benefits payments cannot begin until the sixth full month of a claimant’s disability. Since the claim process can take much longer than this, it is always best to start as soon as possible. When it comes to filing an appeal, you have 60 days from the date of your rejection notice to file your appeal.
  • Failing to meet your medical requirements for eligibility. Some people believe they are too disabled to work but, in fact, qualify for alternative work duties. Others qualify for benefits but then lose eligibility due to failure to make necessary medical appointments and/or provide medical progress reports to the SSA as needed. Your attorney can advise you on how to follow the terms of your benefit determination.
  • Having high functional capacity. To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you must not only have a covered condition, but that condition must also be severe enough to leave you unable to work at all. It’s possible that your injury or illness prevents you from performing your previous job, but if you have the functional capacity to handle other work, you could have your claim rejected.

Ultimately, the Social Security Disability claim process is notoriously difficult, and the SSA can have many possible reasons for denying a claim. If you want the best chance of success with your claim for benefits, it’s essential to have legal counsel you can trust to guide you through the claim process. Christina Rivenbark & Associates has helped many past clients in North Carolina secure Social Security Disability benefits, and we can put this experience to work for you.

FAQs About North Carolina Social Security Disability Law

Why Do I Keep Getting Denied for Social Security Disability?

The SSA rejects most of the claims the agency receives each year for benefits. Many of these denials are based on paperwork errors, missing documentation, or other clerical issues. Others arise from the SSA’s determination that a claimant does not have a qualifying condition. The best way to address the unique aspects of your own claim and increase your chances of securing the benefits you need is to hire an experienced Social Security Disability attorney to assist you with your claim.

What Do I Need to Pass a Social Security Disability Review?

When the North Carolina DDS Office reviews a claim for Social Security Disability benefits, they will assess whether the claimant has a qualifying condition. They will then assess the residual functional capacity a claimant possesses that would enable them to handle some type of gainful employment. When an individual is too disabled to earn a suitable amount of income each month, the DDS Office is likely to approve their claim.

How Long Does the Social Security Disability Claim Process Take in NC?

Filing for Social Security Disability benefits is a notoriously stressful and time-consuming process. You should anticipate waiting several weeks, if not a few months, before you hear a response from the SSA. Some cases move more quickly than others, and having an attorney assist you with your claim can streamline the determination process significantly.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney to Help With My Social Security Disability Claim?

Many of the rejections issued for Social Security Disability claims stem from errors that could have been avoided with proper legal counsel. If you must apply for Social Security Disability benefits in North Carolina, having the right attorney assist with the process can significantly reduce the time, stress, and effort required to secure the benefits you need.

Christina Rivenbark & Associates understand how frustrating it can be to face mounting economic pressure at home and then receive a rejection letter in response to your petition for benefits. We can help you avoid most of the common errors applicants make in their efforts to secure disability benefits. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team and find out how we can help you with your claim.

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