2 injured, 1 dead in 4-vehicle North Carolina crash

The Research Triangle in North Carolina has seen four fatalities just this week due to motor vehicle accidents. The most recent accident happened in Raleigh last Thursday in a crash involving numerous automobiles. Three people were injured, one fatally, and all four vehicles sustained damage. Authorities closed down the road in both directions for some time thereafter. 

For reasons that are not entirely clear, the driver who died in the collision allegedly crashed head-on into another vehicle after crossing over the center median into the path of oncoming traffic. A third car reportedly crashed into the second, and the three automobiles caught fire after ending up in the woodline. A fourth vehicle became involved when debris from the crash struck it. 

It is not clear whether law enforcement is still investigating the accident, yet many unanswered questions still remain. The cause of the accident remains unclear, nor is it known whether the two injured parties required hospitalization or received any medical treatment for their injuries. Though each of the four vehicles reportedly sustained damage, the extent is not known. 

The individual who died had been a member of the Latinx transgender community, reportedly beloved by peers. Of the four automobile-related deaths that have occurred in the region within the last week, this was the only one that involved the occupant of a vehicle. The other three fatalities were pedestrians, one in Raleigh and two in Durham. 

When a car accident takes a life or causes injury, it may be possible for the affected parties to recover damages. To that end, hiring an attorney may be helpful. 

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