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Consequences of DWI very harsh for military personnel

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2011 | DUI/DWI | 0 comments

It appears as though being this 25-year decorated Marine, as Sue Book reports for Military.com, who had the potential to rise to the level of general during his career, counts for almost nothing when it comes to a conviction for drunk driving.

In court on the DWI charges, Col. Douglas Denn said, “I did not live up to my responsibilities as a pilot and colonel of Marines, and I am profoundly sorry,” as Book reports.

Denn went on to say: “Worse, I have failed subordinates who have looked to me for mentorship, advice, and example. I cannot undo what I have done, but can only take full responsibility for my actions and endeavor to recommit to the highest moral character and standards in all aspects of my life.”

Denn is the 47-year-old former commander at Cherry Point in North Carolina. He still faces a forced retirement when he goes before the Marine Corps board of inquiry.

Source: Military.com, “Former Cherry Point CO Sentenced in DWI Case,” by Sue Book, 8/1/11