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Bug bites, insects and car crashes

There are all sorts of motor vehicle crash causes, some of which are widely recognized, including the use of alcohol and sleepiness behind the wheel. However, many other risk factors can result in a wreck and some are very uncommon. For example, someone may have an irrational fear of insects (or certain types of insects), prompting them to drive erratically when they see a bug in their vehicle. Or, someone may even be bit by an insect while driving, or stung by a bee, which could also cause them to become distracted and lose control of the vehicle.

Is a traffic ticket your unwanted souvenir from a NC vacation?

People from all over the East Coast and beyond come to North Carolina to vacation every year. After all, it is a beautiful state with lovely cities and gorgeous beaches. There is a lot to do in North Carolina, and many people rush to fit as much as possible into their time here. That can result in someone driving more quickly than the posted speed limit.

Mental trauma after a workplace traffic crash

Workplace traffic wrecks happen in a variety of ways, whether they involve someone who is driving a semi truck or taxi or an employee who was asked to run errands finds themselves in a crash. There are many consequences that victims may face following a wreck, such as broken bones, lacerations, and financial issues (being unable to work, paying hospital costs, etc.). However, there are other reasons why these accidents can be very difficult for workers. For example, they may lead to mental trauma that haunts a worker for months or even years.

Different ways that medication can affect your driving

People take prescription medication for all sorts of reasons. From helping with insomnia to relieving pain or anxiety, there are many different medications that people consume and they can affect the body in various ways. Sometimes, these medications can have a negative impact on a person’s driving abilities. For example, someone may feel drowsy or be unable to focus on the road because of how they feel after taking certain drugs.

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