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Job-related traffic crashes and brain trauma

In the workplace, an employee may be hurt in a number of ways. From tripping over an extension cord to being exposed to toxic chemicals, workers may face a myriad of risk factors. Furthermore, many people need to drive as part of their job duties, and they may face a high risk of being involved in a traffic crash. Unfortunately, these accidents can lead to injuries that disrupt their lives in countless ways and also create challenges throughout the company. For example, a business may struggle to adjust to the temporary or permanent loss of a hard-working staff member due to his or her injury. Furthermore, some injuries are not immediately detectable, such as brain trauma.

Risks associated with driving on the job

There are a number of different reasons why driving while working can be so dangerous. Some people find themselves in a work vehicle on a daily basis, or their job responsibilities revolve around driving (such as a taxi driver, trucker, etc.). For others, driving on-the-job may be less common, but they may be required to get behind the wheel from time to time, and this can also be dangerous or even riskier due to less experience, in some instances. It is pivotal to be aware of the different hazards you may encounter if you need to drive as part of your job duties and take appropriate action in the event you are ever involved in a crash.

When do you have to go to court for a traffic offense?

You may be able to simply pay the fine indicated on your North Carolina traffic ticket and forgo the trip to court. However, the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts lists a number of circumstances when going to court for a traffic offense is a must. 

Were your rights violated during a drug search?

When police stop and search you for drugs, you have rights that deserve protecting whether they find any illegal substances or not. Far too often, law enforcement does not operate as if suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, which is a core principle of our legal system.

Reasons why people drive on the wrong side of the road

There are many different behaviors that can be incredibly dangerous on the road, such as people who drink and drive and those who use their smartphone while they are supposed to be paying attention to driving. However, some drivers blatantly disregard traffic safety laws or drive recklessly in ways that are unbelievable, such as those who drive on the wrong side of the road. When a driver sees another vehicle heading toward them when they are supposed to be in another lane, it can be extremely terrifying.

How is child support determined and can it be modified?

Parents in North Carolina who are going through a divorce need to figure out child support so they cover the needs of each child the same as when the parents were together. Both the parents' incomes and the child's expenses figure into the amount that one parent owes the other. Either parent can ask for a support modification if their circumstances change.

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