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Job-related traffic crashes and brain trauma

Jan 25, 2019

In the workplace, an employee may be hurt in a number of ways. From tripping over an extension cord to being exposed to toxic chemicals, workers may face a myriad of risk factors. Furthermore, many people need to drive as part of their job duties, and they may face a high risk of being involved in a traffic crash. Unfortunately, these accidents can lead to injuries that disrupt their lives in countless ways and also create challenges throughout the company. For example, a business may struggle to adjust to the temporary or permanent loss of a hard-working staff member due to his or her injury. Furthermore, some injuries are not immediately detectable, such as brain trauma.

When a worker is involved in a job-related traffic accident, they may sustain serious injuries, whether they break their arm or suffer a deep laceration. Sometimes, these accidents can have lasting consequences even though it appears as if nobody was injured in the hours and days following the wreck. Sadly, brain trauma may not become evident until later on, and this can affect a worker (and their family members) in many ways. For example, someone may experience changes with regard to their personality, or they may develop memory problems and other mental hurdles that get in the way of their job performance.

If you were involved in a work-related accident and hit your head, it is pivotal to immediately assess your circumstances. You may need to consider filing a workers’ comp claim, or even take your case to court if the accident was brought on by the negligence of another person.

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