3 common causes of multi-car pileups

With winter fast approaching, motorists in Wilmington and across North Carolina are likely to encounter some slippery roadways. The lack of traction is undoubtedly to contribute to at least one multi-car pileup somewhere in the region.

While you can take steps to minimize your chances of being in a chain-reaction crash, the first step to staying safe is understanding why multi-car collisions typically occur. Here are the three of the more common reasons.

1. Inclement weather

Wet, icy, slushy and snow-covered roadways can be hazardous for motorists for a couple of reasons. First, when traction is low, cars take longer to stop. If motorists are following too closely, they may collide with other vehicles. Likewise, drivers may lose control of their vehicles and inadvertently slide into oncoming traffic.

2. Bad driving behaviors

Intoxicated, distracted and drowsy driving are all inherently dangerous. Put simply, if motorists fail to devote sufficient attention to the driving task, they may run into the back of other vehicles. Doing so, of course, may cause a chain reaction of rear-end collisions.

3. Construction zones

Despite having signage or even flaggers, construction zones can be dangerous for drivers. After all, many construction areas have reworked traffic patterns, narrower lanes, slower speed limits and other obstacles motorists must navigate. If all drivers do not take a construction zone seriously, a multi-car accident may be imminent.

Just as you cannot control the actions of other drivers, you may have little or no control over what happens to you once a multi-car pileup starts. Ultimately, though, you may be able to pursue financial compensation for your injuries and other pileup-related damages.

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