Are you ready for the consequences of barbecue season?

Summer often brings an increase in social gatherings. Whether you are hosting a backyard grill out or inviting your friends and family to your beach home, alcohol might be a part of the experience.

Serving drinks at parties is nothing new. However, as alcohol can affect your friends’ decision-making process, consider the potential consequences they could face if they get behind the wheel after enjoying a few drinks.

There are serious consequences for drunk driving

Driving with a high blood alcohol content puts drivers at risk for arrests, fines and jail time. Worse, a drunk driver can seriously injure others. Unfortunately, 29 people are killed in alcohol-related car crashes every day throughout the U.S.

Protect your friends and family from alcohol-related traffic accidents

As you plan your summer parties, there are some things you can do to keep your loved ones safe on the road. Before you invite people over, prepare ways to keep them safe after drinking such as:

  • Hiring a designated driver to bring your friends to and from your gathering
  • Preparing sleeping arrangements, and encouraging people to spend the night at your place
  • Offering to pay for a ride-sharing service if someone needs to leave unexpectedly

Sure, your guests may tease you for your “over-protective” nature in the moment. However, not allowing them to drive after drinking can be the best part of getting together. You are not only providing a good time but also potentially saving their lives.

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