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How can I improve my co-parenting relationship?

Divorced parents must work together on behalf of their kids. This is often easier said than done. When resentment from your marriage is still fresh is can be hard to make decisions about your kids, whether they relate to education, health care, or other important topics. Parents Magazine recommends the following tips to improve your co-parenting relationship and keep peace in your family.

Know how to deal with loneliness

It can be hard when your kids visit your ex-spouse. However, you don’t want to ruin their bonding experience by dropping by or constantly calling. Instead, look for healthy ways to deal with loneliness. Pick up relationships with old friends that may have lapsed or seek support in your family. You can also pursue new hobbies and experiences to fill your time and expand your horizons. The healthier and happier you feel day-to-day, the better off your kids will be.

Keep your temper in check

It’s natural to feel resentful about a marriage gone wrong. You can’t let ill-feelings about your marriage get in the way of parenting, especially when anger arises. Instead of lashing out at your ex, take a moment to consider whether the matter is really worth a fight. If not, it’s best to let go of the issue instead of adding to the tension. Also, refrain from bad-mouthing your former spouse in front of your children, no matter how angry you are.

Be flexible about schedules

While scheduling is an important part of a co-parenting relationship, you must be flexible. For instance, if your ex needs to juggle weekends, don’t stonewall out of spite. Instead, try to work with your former spouse, who will hopefully return the favor if you need assistance with scheduling in the future. The goal should be to maintain a healthy and peaceful relationship with all involved, which ensures your children receive the best care possible.

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