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Can a repetitive strain injury stop you from working?

As an employee in North Carolina, you work hard every day. You often do the same tasks over and over. This can cause repetitive strain injuries. Injuries like this make it hard for you to work. 

In fact, a bad repetitive strain injury may stop you from working. But how does this happen? 

What is a repetitive stress injury?

Healthline takes a look at repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). They happen if you do the same tasks every day. Common causes include grasping tools or working in an assembly line. Even using the computer counts. Sports training and swiping items at a checkout are also common. 

These injuries affect the hand you use most often. The soft tissue in the area swell up because of heavy use. This can pinch your nerves. It may cause tingling, numbness or pain in the affected area. 

How do you treat these injuries?

The only cure for an RSI is rest. You must not use your affected arm during recovery. For some, this means days or weeks without being able to work. But if you try to push through and keep working, you could make your injury even worse. This may increase your healing time from weeks to months. 

Some RSI victims cannot work anymore. A company may let you go if you have to take months away from work. They may also let you go if permanent damage makes it impossible for you to do your job. Permanent damage happens if you do not treat your RSI. Thus, if you notice signs of an RSI, you may want to seek immediate medical attention. 

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