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Does your back injury qualify you for TTD payments?

Nov 19, 2020

Back injuries are common in many kinds of work, including construction and manufacturing. If your back injury is job-related, you are eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

During recovery, your main concern will be compensation during the time you are unable to work. Will your back injury qualify you to receive temporary total disability payments?

What TTD means

There are four kinds of workers’ compensation income benefits: temporary, impairment, supplemental and lifetime income benefits. Temporary total disability refers to your inability to work for a period of time. As a result of your job-related injury, you are eligible to receive disability payments for wage loss under North Carolina workers’ compensation laws. If a doctor confirms that your injury will keep you out of work for more than seven days, you qualify to receive TTD payments while you are healing.

Rating assignment

According to workers’ compensation rules, a disability rating must be given to your back injury by a certified physician. Moreover, you must reach maximum medical improvement before the doctor can issue the rating. North Carolina is among eight states that have established their own guidelines for disability rating assignments.

First steps

Keep in mind that to become eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, you must first see a doctor about your injury. You must also inform your employer. It is his or her responsibility to initiate the claim process. There is a possibility that the workers’ compensation insurer will delay or deny your claim. However, you can rely on an advocate to assist you in overcoming any obstacles and in applying for TTD benefits if you qualify.

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