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Can you turn right on red in North Carolina?

If you receive a traffic violation for turning right during a red light in North Carolina, you may face several consequences. Among others, those include…

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What are my options in traffic court?

Getting a traffic ticket can be frustrating, particularly when you feel you did not deserve it. You may wonder if you have options to fight…

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How should I act during a traffic stop?

Seeing the lights in your rearview mirror and knowing a law enforcement officer is pulling you over can bring on feelings of anxiety and panic.…

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What happens when you drive without a valid license?

Renewing or obtaining your driver’s license can be a struggle. In addition to that, if you get caught driving without a valid license, you may…

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Commit to distraction-free driving in April

Currently, most North Carolina drivers do not have restrictions regarding talking on a cellphone while behind the wheel. However, a texting while driving ban took…

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Many types of traffic violations can result in trouble

As a driver, you should follow the rules of the road at all times. Doing so lessens the likelihood of a traffic violation while enhancing…

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What to know about turning right on a red light

Many drivers would say that turning right on a red light is fine as long as you make sure there is no oncoming traffic. However,…

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When do you have to go to court for a traffic offense?

You may be able to simply pay the fine indicated on your North Carolina traffic ticket and forgo the trip to court. However, the North…

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Breaking down the statistics of texting and driving

North Carolina law considers texting while driving – or distracted driving on a whole – to be a traffic violation. This is for good reason,…

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You can defend against pending North Carolina traffic citations

When people think about their right to a defense, they usually think about serious crimes, not traffic violations. However, although traffic violations only result in…

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