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The risks of driving on a suspended license in North Carolina

In many ways, motor vehicles have become a necessity of modern life. The average adult likely requires their own vehicle to get to and from…

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Is a traffic ticket your unwanted souvenir from a NC vacation?

People from all over the East Coast and beyond come to North Carolina to vacation every year. After all, it is a beautiful state with…

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Reckless driving is dangerous and can lead to legal trouble

When you take to the road, there is nothing more important than your safety. Even if you have to slow down and go out of…

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The point system makes every traffic ticket significant

You know that a traffic ticket can affect your insurance rates, but did you also know that North Carolina law adds points to your driving…

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Be careful what you say during a traffic stop

When you see the blue lights flashing behind you, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or unsure what to do. This is a normal experience, but…

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Fighting traffic violations: 3 tips for getting off the hook

When you get a traffic violation, you may be worried about losing your license or having higher-than-usual insurance bills. Fortunately, you can fight any traffic…

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