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Is that really all the workers’ comp I get?

Feb 15, 2021

People tend to associate workers’ compensation payments with medical costs. However, there is quite a bit more to the system than just getting the money you need to pay the doctor. 

You will realize this quickly after an injury at work. However, figuring out exactly how much you deserve is not always as simple as just knowing you deserve something. 

Wage loss benefits

You could deserve payment for lost wages under workers’ compensation. Unsurprisingly, the legal and insurance professions call this type of payment a “wage loss benefit”. 

As you can see on FindLaw, the workers’ comp rules are different from one state to another. Here in North Carolina, you would want to look at the specifics of your case — not at general rules. 

Even with all the differences, there are some similarities between the different systems. For example, most systems that give you money for your lost wages give you a reduced amount compared to what you would normally earn. 

A reduced amount is normal. However, you have to be careful that your employer and insurance company are reducing the correct amount. 

Again, the rules vary from one state to another. They also might vary based on the type of injury you have, in some situations. To top it all off, there could be different rules for different types of employment status. For example, you might still be able to collect payment after you go back to work under certain systems and conditions. 

Complex equations

When you first look at wage loss benefits, it seems like it should be a simple math problem. However, calculating the amount you owe might require a whole spreadsheet full of information, conditional ratios and other complexities. 

It makes sense how somebody could make a mistake. Unfortunately, you as an injured worker are the person most likely to lose when miscalculations occur. It could fall to you to check the work of your employer and your insurance company, ensuring you get everything you deserve. 

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