What are mistakes some employers make with work comp claims?

The process of getting back on your feet after suffering an injury at your workplace will likely involve filing for workers’ compensation. This is a responsibility your employer will share. You want your employer to file all the necessary documentation with the insurance carrier so your claim can proceed. 

You should recognize when your employer is not supporting you with the right actions. AmTrust Financial describes common mistakes some employers make that can drag out the claims process. 

Failing to provide a claim form

Once you have given notice of your workplace injury, you should not have to wait long for your employer to give you a claim form. Usually, employers do so within a 24 hour period of receiving a notice. Your employer is responsible for sending your personal information like your Social Security number and your payroll history to the insurance carrier in order to meet the state’s time requirements for filing a claim. 

Failing to conduct an accident report

When you got hurt, you probably did not understand the details of what happened to you and why. Your employer should investigate your accident and take all available steps to determine the cause of your injury. These measures may include interviewing employees at the scene and examining video of the incident if any exists. This information might help support your claim, so you should have it as soon as possible. Knowing what caused your accident may also help you and your fellow employees avoid similar incidents in the future. 

Neglecting contact with you

Your employer should be in contact with you about your situation. You should feel that your employer will help in your recovery with measures like a return to work program. Even if you have not fully recovered from your injury, you may be able to perform light work for a period of time. A RTW program can also help you earn money during recovery and allow you to stay connected with your workplace. 

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